CCleaner CNET

CNET is a website where you can find any information about technology and electronics and has been around since 1994. News, articles and blogs related to reviews, news, downloads and How To’s are available in this website to provide the information anyone may need. CNET’s provides your software needs, and one of its premier software releases is the CCleaner which has been rated as spectacular by CNET Editors.

This software has been available for several years, and has been made better and more reliable to users over time. CCleaner is a cleaning tool, but more than just cleaning it also includes system optimization, which means it frees up disk space and makes Windows run faster by removing unused files from your system. This is no reason for you to worry, though, because there are options available in the tools. For example, you can select which cookies to keep across all your browsers, such as the ones you know to be safe, and remove only the ones you do not recognize.

In the previous versions of CCleaner, this function was not available since it deleted all cookies in all the browsers. The newest version of CCleaner, CCleaner 3, will clean tracks from other programs, empty your recycle bin, delete temporary files and clean your Registry, quickly scanning for invalid entries before removing them. It also supports Firefox 13.0 beta, and has moved Thunderbird to be cleaned separately.

Downloading this file only requires a disk space of 4MB, since the file size is only 368MB. This works for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista, and the best thing about this download is that it is free. Aside from that, it is also very easy to use, with the installation guide to guide you until the end of the installation. There have been no recorded bugs or any negative review of the product, which ensures that the time you spend in downloading and installing CCleaner3 is time well spent.

To download the CCleaner3 file, you must log on to the CNET download site. On the address bar, just key in, press enter, and you will be directed to CNET’s download homepage. If CCleaner3 doesn’t appear on the homepage, like if it’s featured, searching for it using the search bar may be required.

The search bar found on the left pane may be used. On this pane, you will see options if the download that is about to be searched for is for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. You will simply need to check the box of the Operating System you’re using. On the search bar you may or may not type CCleaner 3 as doing either will direct you to a broken link error message, where a new search bar will appear. Do not worry, just key in CCleaner 3 on the search bar this time, and the results will immediately populate on your screen.

On the right of the product description is a green icon that says “download”, and clicking on that will automatically start the download of the file. Be sure to choose the newest version, CCleaner 3, to ensure that you get the most updated version available in the market. Installation is very easy as steps are provided, and the same goes for uninstalling the software.

Another way to download the CCleaner 3 file is by logging on to and using the search bar found on the right side of the screen. As soon as you click on the search bar, a “Search Within” selection will be available for you, and this is where you can choose the operating system you are using CCleaner on. Just check the appropriate box, key in CCleaner 3 and hit enter. Search the download results for CCleaner 3 and click on download. Again, be sure to choose the newest and most updated version, and proceed with the download and the installation.